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Embers of the Imperium

This Role Playing Game is set in the Ember of the Imperium setting using the Genesys rule set. I’ve written a review of this game so check out that article about the Embers of the Imperium Role Playing Setting for a good overview of the game.

In our campaign, a disparate group of six new Agents is assembled and introduced to the Keleres.


Nicholas Helfort (Human Male) hailing from the Clan of Saar. Callsign: Gzzt

Ka’buu (N’orr Male) possibly from the Sardakk N’orr. Callsign: Twitch

Varash and Tai (a Naaz-Rokha pair) most likely from the Naaz-Rokha Alliance. Callsign: Tee Vee (TV)

Blake Fremin (Human Male) from the Federation of Sol. Callsign: Drake

Zagharri (Hacan Male) a Non-Player Character. Callsign: Excess

Ggershon (Xxcha Male) another Non-Player Character. Callsign: Snapper

Check out their ongoing adventures.

20230708 DTE Session 1 Event Log. Exposition and we are assigned to investigate the mysterious murder of fellow agent Gulath Thaup a Hylar who was supposed to in process with the rest of us.

You can also check out Blake Fremin's case notes from the first session.

20230722 DTE Session 2 Event Log. Our dig into Thaup's death takes an interesting side step as we pursue Zagharri's kidnapping suspects.

Drake's updated case notes 2 on Gulath Thaup's murder case.

20230812 DTE Session 3 Event Log. We uncover enough information to unmask Winnu Empire operative Brecton and discover him to be the one orchestrating a much bigger operation that led to Gulath Thaup's death!

Drake's updated case notes 3. Our investigation broadens a bit. This is no longer just a murder mystery.

System data on the Loknar System a Winnu mining colony where Brecton is headed with the Mahact bio-weapon on the Kynnyshu.

20230823 DTE Session 4 Event Log. Things heat up pretty quickly once we arrive to Loknar. Our understanding of Brecton's plans become a bit wierder as he accelerates his operations! Blake Fremin doesn't have any updates for his case notes.

20230909 DTE Session 5 Event Log. Amid the chaos created by the Destined for Greatness cult, four Keleres agents try to locate and intercept the anti-L1Z1X bio-weapon before it can be used!