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GM Notes

Welcome to my GM notes section of this site.

Following the advice of Matt Colville I have decided to print out my GM Notes for campaigns that I run, with the intent that other GM’s can check out my notes.

If you’re a new GM and want to learn this craft, I’d recommend starting with watching Matt Colville’s YouTube videos on Running the Game. Matt’s advice is to watch the first five videos to get yourself up to speed. The rest is bonus content! In my opinion, the bonus content is worth watching too.

But back to me. Matt recommended that GM’s post their own notes online so that other GM’s and pour through these mystical tomes to see what us professionals do to make our games work.

So this section is where I’m posting my notes.

From Mid 2017 to August of 2021 I ran a Star Wars Role Playing Game using the FFG rules. To check out the notes just click on the Star Wars submenu above or check out my Star Wars RPG section.

I am currently participating in an Embers of the Imperium RPG campaign as a player and in the EotI section you will find the session logs as well as some of the notes for the character Blake Fremin. (Yes, I'm running Blake). I also wrote a review for the Embers of the Imperium RPG book and feel free to get my opinions on the rules there. (Spoiler! They're positive).

In 2022 I ran a very abreviated Cyberpunk game that evaporated when half the group moved out of the state. (to be fair I only had two players to begin with so 50% just sounds overly dramatic). There isn’t much data for this very short campaign, but I’ll give you what I had.

Yes, I’m gearing up to run another campaign. Hence the placeholder.

And if I run another campaign that will go here as well.